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Way too freaking long time, way too freaking no post.

I'm working on a piece, trying to get back into the mindset of being a thirteen year old girl, and I'm looking at my own journals from that stage of my life and it's been rough. It's funny--I feel like I can remember being that age well, but having the words before me feels like sensory overload. I found an entry when I talk about a teacher having to take me into the hall because I started crying in class over some drama with either my best friend or this awful boy that I liked. That boy shows up a lot in this one notebook. Like, I wrote a song about him (I wanted to be a pop star at the time, so I wrote lots of lyrics), and one of the lines from it was "your halfway love is cutting my soul like a knife", and what in the world was that about?

Anyway, I just found this one part where I talk about how said boy would pretend to flirt with me and say, "Oh, you like that!" when I would be like, "Ugh, stop." And I wrote:
Oh God, I do like it and I just want to have him wrapped around my finger and just kiss him and mess around in his hair and pull him closer and just have the pleasure of knowing that I want him and need him to possibly go on and have the pure satisfaction of knowing that we’re together.

When I read that, I hear it in my head as a long, kind of breathless gush, and I love that it's written like that. There was something going on in my thirteen year old head that understood the urgency that that sentence had, and knew that I didn't have to put a comma in there even though it's kind of a run-on. I felt that my writing had to be conversational and in that conversational way, splicing the sentence wasn't necessary.

I still like writing dialogue like that. I love heightened emotion and trying to get that frenetic, crazy feeling down in a way that makes sense and can make a reader really get what you’re going for.

But Lord, thirteen year olds are a mess. Bless their crazy little hearts.
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Sunday was supposed to be a great day--I was off, Once Upon a Time was back on, and I was going to see Pitch Perfect, which is out early at one of my local theaters. But my plans got waylaid because I decided to go to church with my mom, which set off a whole chain of events that ended up throwing off the rest of my evening.

After church, we went to eat at Red Lobster. The lot was so full that we had to park around the back. Just as we were leaving, we overheard a woman saying that someone had broken into an orange car--and, sure enough, it was my mom's orange Nitro. The front passenger window was smashed in, and the thief made off with her GPS and an electric hole puncher. We were in this weird part of town that is on the border of Dallas and Duncanville, so the 911 dispatcher screwed up the first time we called and didn't notify the police right away.

It took three hours for the cops to come.

This is about the fourth time that my mom's car has been broken into down here. This is crazy.

But today was better. Slightly. I still have to prep for my portfolio review (it's mostly photographing my work from 2D design, painting, and drawing, and changing the file types for my shorts from Intro to Film and making PDFs of my scripts), but a few things have lessened the severity of this situation. First, I won a prize pack in a giveaway. Second, I discovered that someone on YouTube has uploaded pretty much every episode of Flash Forward, and since I can't have DVDs of it, this is the only way I'll be able to rewatch that show. I'd been hoping for YEARS to find it online somehow, and there it was!

And third: NANO IS COMING!
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Story of my life.

Because there is still about two more hours left of Halloween: The 10 Creepiest Are You Afraid of the Dark Episodes. #10 and #7 terrified the everloving shit out of me when I was a kid, especially 10. Anything that does not have eyes or a mouth is scary, okay. Scary. I'm kind of certain that if I saw that episode right now I would still have a major DO NOT WANT moment.
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One more day of tax-free weekend, and I don't close. I think I'm going to have to brave the shopping masses, though; I need new khakis and some stuff for school, namely vaguely professional looking clothes. I'm taking Reporting II, and I'll probably be on camera anchoring and I have to look reporterly. I'm not looking forward to anchoring. In fact, I'm not a big fan of reporting in general. I wish I could do more of the editing and production stuff--in fact, that's what I'd like to do if I stick with broadcast--but the class requires everyone to do both production and on-air appearances. Sigh.

I love that Entertainment Weekly is on this long '90s nostalgiafest. Today they asked which is better: Goof Troop or A Goofy Movie. Cue memories of watching that in fourth grade! And earlier I was at the mall, and ended up inadvertently having a conversation with two of the salespeople about JNCOs, platform shoes, and other 90s fashion.

From Hypable: ‘Avengers’ footage description from D23! And first hand account from someone who was there. May 4, 2012, come sooner.

Text message I got from my dad about twenty minutes ago: Hey Steve Urkle is on the sci-fi channel in a movie called mega-shark. I love my dad, he can be such a dork sometimes.

Oh! Yesterday my brother and I went to see Fright Night, which was different and funnier than I thought it'd be. We ended up with the trailer for Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, and at the end of it something pops right out at you for that scare moment, and a woman in the theater screamed out loud and everyone else burst into laughter. And during the movie, at one point Jerry (Colin Farrell's creepster vampire character) is lurking outside a window and I'm pretty sure that the same woman shrieked at that point. I turned to my brother and whispered, "Have these people never been to a horror movie before?"
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Just a thought before I go retrograde fangirl on you: being a fan of a boy band is like being in a really weird sorority of sorts. You have this thing in common and sometimes you get lumped into a cliched monolith simply by the virtue of having that thing in common with (mostly) other girls. That sounded a lot more poetic in my head, but hopefully you know what I mean.

So, rewind: I bought this ticket at the end of May. On Friday night I went to Walmart and discovered that my location now sells Ticketmaster tickets. I was intrigued, and I wanted to see if I could get a better seat, so at about 1 PM on Sunday I went back over to see what I had to do. It's just a touch screen in the electronics department, and ridiculously easy to use (once the cashier came along, and she was all, "This is the first time I've done this, so we're learning together!"). So after I did the basics of number of tickets and all, the page for price range pops up and I see the listing for floor seats, and I was all, "OOH SHINY", and I bought one ticket in section 19, row B, seat 2. It was only after that that I was suddenly really amped, because I was living the dream I'd had way back when: to be on the floor at a Backstreet Boys show, and not off on the side of the stage or on the lawn or whatever.

I still had my original ticket, but figured I could find some way to sell it/give it away once I got to the American Airlines Center.


Basically, it was awesome. I am so glad I got that ticket, and I wish I could go to another one of the shows. And if you want to see more, I have more pictures here.
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So this is what I'm going to be doing tomorrow night:

This is going to be my fourth time seeing the Backstreet Boys live, the first since... 2000. I am ridiculously excited about it, even though my seat is on the side of the stage (I am hoping I can get a better ticket tomorrow somehow, FINGERS CROSSED) and all. Sometimes you just need to get your scream and flail on, and I am so going to be doing that tomorrow.

The 90s Are All That, or: the return of Nickelodeon shows I watched growing up. KENAN ON THE ORANGE COUCH, EEEEEE.

Somehow this has become a nostalgia post, so I might as well add this:

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I went on a nostalgia binge earlier and ended up going in my closet, digging through boxes of old video tapes and pulling out a few of my Backstreet Boys videos. I regret nothing. But on the other hand, it made me want to look up some of my friends from way back when and reminisce with them:
Me: Remember when you used to be in love with Nick?
Friend: And you were going to marry Howie.
Me: Exactly.

Seriously, as soon as I get my tax return check, I am getting a ticket to the NKOTBSB show. I need to let my inner twelve year old get her scream on.
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In the past day I've posted/reblogged a few Snoopy/Peanuts related things at Tumblr, so this is just going to be something else to add to the pile.

This is one of my many stuffed Snoopys. Out of all of them, this one's my main guy, the one that I've had the longest and I have the most history with. I have had this Snoopy for all the parts of my life that I can remember. One of his eyes fell off in the wash, my brother yanked his nose off when I was about five, and my dad sewed it back on. The worst injury he sustained was his neck getting torn in the washing machine. He lost some stuffing, and when he's sitting upright his head cocks to the right a little.

I took him to school on the first day up until first grade, and on a lot of the trips I took or sleepovers that I went to (save for Girl Scout overnighters), I always brought him with me, even if it was buried down at the bottom of my bag. The only thing that stopped me from doing that was when I accidentally left him in a hotel room in Mississippi when we went home for Christmas during my freshman year of high school. Luckily I'd grabbed the business card of the hotel (I went through this phase where I collected business cards), so my dad called them and had the owner retrieve him and send him back to me.

I still have a few of my childhood stuffed animals and, as I mentioned before, a lot of other toy Snoopys because if you really, really know me, you know that I'm a big fan. But this one is special, and my favorite.

And so ends the toy story of the night. Do any of you guys still have a favorite toy/stuffed animal from when you were a kid?
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It seems like everyone is jumping aboard the Tumblr train now. And now Sesame Street even has an official presence there. The best part?

YIP YIPS. For some reason these things always made me laugh when I was a kid. I love them and am glad that they're still around.
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It has occurred to me that in August of this year I will have been on LJ for ten years; at the same name and everything. Oh. My. God.

Anyway, list time:

Song I Am Digging Right Now: This is the New Year by Ian Axel. I got it as a free download, but it's $0.99 at Amazon.

One of the Books I Cannot Wait to Read This Year: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray. I mean, the description alone:
Teen beauty queens. A "Lost"-like island. Mysteries and dangers. No access to emall. And the spirit of fierce, feral competition that lives underground in girls, a savage brutality that can only be revealed by a journey into the heart of non-exfoliated darkness. Oh, the horror, the horror! Only funnier. With evening gowns. And a body count.


A Few Favorite Book Quotes: The first is from Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, which I liked so much more than the other two books they wrote together:

The girl in your head. )

And then there is this exchange from Steve Kluger's My Most Excellent Year, which is (as I might have mentioned before, one of my favorite books and it is kind of woefully underrated). In it, Augie is talking to Hucky, a deaf kindergartner that his best friend/brother TC has befriended:

Why don't you know?? )

And finally the opening from The Westing Game, which will always always always be one of my favorite books ever:
The sun sets in the west (just about everyone knows that), but Sunset Towers faced east. Strange!

Sunset Towers faced east and had no towers. This glittery, glassy apartment house stood alone on the Lake Michigan shore five stories high. Five empty stories high.

The one day (it happened to be the Fourth of July), a most uncommon-looking delivery boy rode around town slipping letters under the doors of the chosen tenants-to-be. The letters were signed by Barney Northrup.

The delivery boy was sixty-two years old, and there was no such person as Barney Northrup.

I did not do nearly enough reading last year. I usually read at the least forty books a year; last year I topped off at thirty-four. I guess that is what painting and screenwriting and tons of TV production work will do to you. Eh.

Concert I MUST Go To: the Backstreet Boys/New Kids on the Block reunion show.

I was stuck at home on Saturday because of my back and my mom and I were watching the replay from the Dick Clark New Years' show, and BSB and NKOTB were on and my mom says, "Candice, it's your boys!" I just discovered that tickets for the Dallas show have been on sale practically since my birthday and center floor seats are $106--so with Ticketmaster's service fees being what they are, the ticket will probably be like, $130 at the least. But I want to go so bad. I still sort of regret not going to their tour in 2005 because that ended up being the last one that Kevin was on and all. I have a feeling that it is going to be insane in the best possible way. When I first heard about the tour I think I had a moment where I reverted back to thirteen.


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