enamoured: Captain America: ...and I will write you a tragedy. (show me a hero)
It breaks my heart that one of my one-time BFFs is a xenophobic low key racist conservative, even moreso that on top of all that, she’s also Hispanic.
enamoured: the starry-eyed emoticon: *_* (got stars in my eyes)
I have something (that I think is) neat that I will talk about soon!
enamoured: a kitty with a frog hat on. (i has frog on hed)
Summer means lots of Benadryl cream flaking off everywhere.
enamoured: Tony Stark: wiping out massively since 2008. (please tell me no one kissed me)
I should not allowed to be an adult; therefore, someone should come and immediately revoke my admin privileges posthaste.
enamoured: "I am a skank. Oh my God. At least before I was just a loser." (i was a loser before i met him)
Guys, I am talking to a seemingly normal, nice guy on OKCupid HELP.
enamoured: the name of a favorite Facebook group: Disney Gave Me Unrealistic Expectations About Love. (disney gave me unrealistic expectations)
In the event that I don't make it through this semester alive, who wants my stuff?
enamoured: "I can't go out, I'm sick! COUGH COUGH". Mean Girls. (boo you whore)
Sometimes the internet makes it really hard to rant.
enamoured: The Little Mermaid. "But who cares? No big deal. I want... more." (part of your world)
I really, really want a mudslide or three right now but I have class in the morning.


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