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Sometimes I wish that I were outwardly self-destructive instead of prone to anxiety. At least then I would have a more acceptable excuse for being a mess.
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Two weeks until Guardians of the Galaxy, one (one?!) 'til Comic-Con. I got the preview issue of Entertainment Weekly and OH GOD WHY IS IT NOT MAY 2015 YET. There are, thus far, only two movies I want to see at the theater right now without having to wait, and they are Age of Ultron and the Peanuts movie.

I mean, there's probably more, but I can't think of them right now.

This week, I've been on vacation. I haven't done everything that I wanted to do (go to an area museum every day, for example), but I did get to go to the writer's workshop and I also did finally make it to the Sixth Floor Museum on Monday.

I've lived in the area for years and hadn't gone over there before, and it was definitely an experience. FYI, if you ever go: on Mondays, the museum opens at noon, and if you go across the street, you can purchase tickets at the museum store and cafe; otherwise, you have to wait in line for about fifteen plus minutes to go in. You can't take pictures on the sixth floor itself, but you can on the seventh, where there are extra exhibits and such.

Outside, if you walk and face Dealy Plaza, there are marks on the street where President Kennedy was shot, and that is just very, weirdly visceral to me. Seeing that, and the spot in the museum where Oswald was when he fired (that window's blocked off with a glass enclosure, and it's been recreated to look like it would have all those years ago) was kind of chilling.

And then there were the conspiracy/tour guide people outside, one of whom was a young woman wearing a pink suit that was reminiscent of the one Jackie Kennedy wore that day, which ranked very high on the That is Kinda Wrong scale for me.

I ended up going to the library on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I got to go back to the Writer's Workshop. Yesterday, I had planned on going to this museum up near the airport, or to the wax museum, but I drove past and just... couldn't get it in me to actually go in. (Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.)

And yesterday, I lost my keys walking Pepper. At some point, I dropped them or they fell out of my Spibelt, and I was freaking out hardcore, because that would've made it THREE TIMES that I've lost keys while walking/running in the past two and a half years. I seriously do not understand how, throughout my entire childhood and adolescence, I never lost my keys but this happens. As I started retracing my steps, I ran into a couple on the trail, and I asked if they'd seen keys. About ten minutes later, my mom drove down and we started patrolling the area, and this other woman showed up. She said that some kids had found them and asked her if the keys were hers, and she was just starting down the trail as the couple who had helped me at first were.

So yeah, super-grateful to those kids and to the lady on the trail who ran into them.

Finally: I went to the doctor last week because I had this strange rash appear on my chest, leg, and lower back. Apparently, it is pityriasis rosea, and it's supposed to go away in about six weeks or so. I need it to kind of go now, because random spots of it are itching like crazy and I am thisclose to scratching/rubbing myself to death. I do not understand how it's 2014 and doctors still don't know exactly where this thing comes from. How does that happen?!
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Sometimes you read a book and you kind of fundamentally know it's not good, but there's something about it that appeases you. It's kind of like powering through fan fic that has some questionable characterization just so that you can get to the hot and steamy parts of it.
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I didn't have much to do today, so I folded laundry and then went to the movies.

I ended up seeing The Book Thief, which I'd wanted to see when it first came out but I kind of forgot about somehow. There were about six other people in the theater with me, and there was something wrong with the projector or the file that the movie was on, because the screen froze right before the trailers started. I went out to the lobby to notify the theater people that we had a problem, and after ten minutes (and one of the other people in the theater complaining), everything was fixed. As we all left, one of the workers was standing out the door. He apologized for the technical difficulties and gave us a pass for one free movie.

And after that, I went to the library intending to check out one book, but I discovered it was on hold for someone else. I then proceeded to check out four unrelated books and paid $5 of the fines that I owe the library (I have $26 in overdue fees, guys! This is ridiculous!).

At last check, there's about sixty-seven days left 'til The Winter Soldier is out. I will leave you with that fact in mind!
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This is a thing that happened earlier this week:

I was heating up some water so that I could make oatmeal, and I went to my room to grab my phone. When I came back, there was a glow coming from the hole, so I immediately turned everything off and looked at this hole in our microwave floor.

We still don't know what caused it. A repair man came by earlier and he tried to simulate the situation going on in the microwave when this happened, and the only thing that he could come up with was that there was some metal in there somehow. The spot got painted over today, though.

I don't even know, guys.

In the meantime, though: right now I'm watching Dracula on NBC, and holy shit, this time ten years ago, I was probably watching my high school drama department's production of Dracula. Josh (a different Josh than the one I mentioned in the story about the riot; this Josh was in the same grade as me and I had this on-off crush on him for pretty much all of high school) was in the title role, and he was such a sweet, cool guy and he was terrifying in the role. Our Van Helsing was a girl, and on opening night the curtain call was set to "Thriller". It was a highlight of that year.
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I really need to find a papercrafting group that isn't so... conservative? Cutsey? Like, are there people on LJ or DW or Tumblr who make books and scrapbook and sew and stuff that are more like the fandom people I follow?

Because there is so much cutsey language (hubby, embellies, yummy) that I can take before wanting to gouge my eyes out, and the fact that people are freaking out that Hobby Lobby's CEO is threatening closure in regards to the Healthcare Act is bringing on a headache.
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I have this serious love/hate relationship with crafting forums.

I kinda sorta of dabble in scrapbooking, and a lot of the people in the forums and groups that I follow are middle-aged women, and I hate the way that they talk about retail workers. Sometimes their complaints are legitimate--I mean, if you work in a place and you don't know or won't bother to at least try to look for the product that a customer is seeking, you kind of suck--but sometimes, they just say shit that makes me want to reach through my monitor and straight choke them. This one woman said "9/10 retail people are paid trained monkeys" on Facebook and it made me see so much red.

In non-vexing news, I had the most chill day today. I found a coloring book I got in a gift swap and I did some coloring. I watched a couple of hours worth of stuff on Netflix, and I got my ticket for The Package concert (Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block, and 98 Degrees) next Friday! Silver linings, man.

And yesterday, I mailed a card to my one-time best friend. She had a baby earlier this week, and I got her address from her mom, who is a Facebook friend.
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The first ticket stub I kept with the intention of starting a collection was for... geez, I don't know. A few summers ago I got an idea to start an LJ community strictly to post about all my ticket stubs and to scan them and share random facts about the movies and who I saw them with, but then I realized once I hit a certain age a whole lot of those "went with" stories would either be with my brother or by myself, and that's not exciting at all.

At any rate, from somewhere in about 1998 through 2006 or 2007 (whenever Starlight came out), I consistently collected every ticket from every movie I saw at a theater. Even after I lost the ticket to Starlight, I still collected every one of them, only losing another in the process. To be fair, it was one from the first time I went to Studio Movie Grill, and their tickets are printed on receipt paper. Mine got wet and I tucked it into my journal at the time, and it faded.

The tickets have been kept in different places: a little cardboard caddy that had drawers at first, then two empty Altoids boxes, and finally, in the past year, into a white oval shaped tin with birds on it.

At some point between seeing Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (...don't look at me like that) and Iron Man 3, I cleaned my room. The tin used to sit on top of my dresser, and I moved it at some point.

But since I saw Iron Man 3 at the start of last month, I have not been able to find the tin, and I am freaking out over it right now.

Like, I am about 85% certain that it is in my room somewhere, but the fact that I didn't put it back on the dresser or someplace in my frequent line of sight is making me angry. I kept it ON the dresser so that as soon as I got back home from the theater, I could immediately drop the ticket in the tin so I wouldn't forget it in my wallet or pants pocket or wherever. I really started thinking about it the other night, and now it is vexing me again, and the irrational part of my brain is terrified that somewhere in between those cleaning jobs, I accidentally threw the whole thing out, ditching eighteen years worth of moviegoing in the process.

There's my dad's ticket from Toy Story in there (adult price was like, $5.50 for a matinee show). My ticket for 10 Things I Hate About You. Tickets from the last movie I saw before we moved, ticket for the first movie I saw in Texas (Chicken Run), all five of the tickets from each time I saw Iron Man at a theater (three times during the original theatrical run; once during a double feature when Iron Man 2 came out, and again from the pre-Avengers marathon), the tickets from seeing Toy Story 3 twice the first day it came out, ticket to my first midnight opening movie (The Dark Knight), all the tickets to one time only rereleases of movies that came out before I was born or was too young to see when they were first in theaters...

All of that.

I still have all my concert tickets (all in a separate box). I've been to twenty-something concerts, and kept the tickets for every one I went to that had a ticket. I keep a lot of stuff, okay, but if I can't find that little oval tin holding almost 100 ticket stubs--or, worst case scenario, if I accidentally threw it out--I am going to be really, ridiculously wrecked and I know it's stupid, but. Yeah.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. That 85% chance of it being tucked somewhere in my room because I am an idiot is what's keeping me from completely freaking out. I mean, I once tucked a journal into a corner of my bookshelf and spent a month convinced I'd lost it, for God's sake. This is not entirely out of the realm of possibility for me.
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I am thinking of doing some sort of "about me" post, and "things I don't talk about (but kind of want to)" post or three. The former because, well, I've picked up new followers here and there, and the latter because there's stuff I post about/talk about on Tumblr that I A.) haven't mentioned over here in forever or B.) just don't talk about very much period, which is weird.

Also, I seriously can't believe that May is almost over. I mean, what?
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This is more or less a series of stories about things I've bought in the past week.

One: Last week I decided that I needed to finally buy a new sports bra. Except it's kind of hard to find a sports bra for me, as I'm just out of the range for the bigger sizes for a lot of brands, and those standard issue S/M/L/XL bras have no support and are a nightmare to put on. I decided to stop by Kohl's to see if they had anything, and sure enough, they did.

But when I got into the dressing room to try on the bras I'd picked, the left strap for the bra I was wearing snapped.

Just completely broke, everything. After I tried on everything, I had to somehow figure out how to keep the old bra together 'til I paid for the new one. I ended up tying it to the right strap, kind of looping it around the back of my neck halter style, which hurt like crazy because it was digging RIGHT into the base of my neck.

I paid for the bra, and then went to the dressing room in the junior's department to change into it because I thought that I was going to choke if the strap dug into my neck any more. Then, just as I stepped out the door, I realized that I didn't have my keys and had lost them somewhere in between the lingerie department and the dressing room where I changed. Twenty minutes later, the super-helpful staff people found my keys someplace, and I got to leave.

Two: Last Wednesday, the presale for tickets for the Backstreet Boys' tour started. I've never done a presale before, so I was kind of excited and nervous, until I saw that people were complaining about having problems not getting good seats. I figured I'd wait 'til Thursday, and maybe by then some of the madness would have calmed down.

So Thursday afternoon, I went on Ticketmaster and tried the presale code again. Nothing good came up, until I noticed this one ticket deal. Guaranteed seats in the first fifteen rows, early entry to the venue, some sort of food and drink deal, and a t-shirt, among other things. It was slightly more than the priciest ticket, and almost as good of a deal as the fan club stuff, only much less expensive and minus the meet and greet (and joining the fan club). I just went "what the hell!" and ended up paying for it, because I couldn't bring myself to settle for a lesser ticket, and I didn't want to wait for the public sale to open.

So I'm going to see them for the fifth time in August! Except I can't pick up my ticket and other stuff until the day of the show. Boo.

Three: I found out last week that there's a sequel to A Certain Slant of Light. I read the preview on my Kindle, and today I decided that I needed to get it. I ended up in Cedar Hill this afternoon, so I stopped by the Barnes and Noble there to see if they had it, and they did not. Later, I called the B&N closest to me, and they didn't have it, but they are going to transfer it in for me later this week. So, a not-quite purchase, but still.

Four: While looking around at Target this afternoon, I saw Hello Kitty soap. It was on clearance for $2.08, and I thought, Why the hell not?

And that--save for working, writing, and other things--is what I've been up to lately, more or less.


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