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Two weeks until Guardians of the Galaxy, one (one?!) 'til Comic-Con. I got the preview issue of Entertainment Weekly and OH GOD WHY IS IT NOT MAY 2015 YET. There are, thus far, only two movies I want to see at the theater right now without having to wait, and they are Age of Ultron and the Peanuts movie.

I mean, there's probably more, but I can't think of them right now.

This week, I've been on vacation. I haven't done everything that I wanted to do (go to an area museum every day, for example), but I did get to go to the writer's workshop and I also did finally make it to the Sixth Floor Museum on Monday.

I've lived in the area for years and hadn't gone over there before, and it was definitely an experience. FYI, if you ever go: on Mondays, the museum opens at noon, and if you go across the street, you can purchase tickets at the museum store and cafe; otherwise, you have to wait in line for about fifteen plus minutes to go in. You can't take pictures on the sixth floor itself, but you can on the seventh, where there are extra exhibits and such.

Outside, if you walk and face Dealy Plaza, there are marks on the street where President Kennedy was shot, and that is just very, weirdly visceral to me. Seeing that, and the spot in the museum where Oswald was when he fired (that window's blocked off with a glass enclosure, and it's been recreated to look like it would have all those years ago) was kind of chilling.

And then there were the conspiracy/tour guide people outside, one of whom was a young woman wearing a pink suit that was reminiscent of the one Jackie Kennedy wore that day, which ranked very high on the That is Kinda Wrong scale for me.

I ended up going to the library on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I got to go back to the Writer's Workshop. Yesterday, I had planned on going to this museum up near the airport, or to the wax museum, but I drove past and just... couldn't get it in me to actually go in. (Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.)

And yesterday, I lost my keys walking Pepper. At some point, I dropped them or they fell out of my Spibelt, and I was freaking out hardcore, because that would've made it THREE TIMES that I've lost keys while walking/running in the past two and a half years. I seriously do not understand how, throughout my entire childhood and adolescence, I never lost my keys but this happens. As I started retracing my steps, I ran into a couple on the trail, and I asked if they'd seen keys. About ten minutes later, my mom drove down and we started patrolling the area, and this other woman showed up. She said that some kids had found them and asked her if the keys were hers, and she was just starting down the trail as the couple who had helped me at first were.

So yeah, super-grateful to those kids and to the lady on the trail who ran into them.

Finally: I went to the doctor last week because I had this strange rash appear on my chest, leg, and lower back. Apparently, it is pityriasis rosea, and it's supposed to go away in about six weeks or so. I need it to kind of go now, because random spots of it are itching like crazy and I am thisclose to scratching/rubbing myself to death. I do not understand how it's 2014 and doctors still don't know exactly where this thing comes from. How does that happen?!
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This is one of those times when I wish that my LJ/DW f-list people were more active like they were in ye days of olde, because I have so many thoughts about The Winter Soldier and they will surely get lost in the fray if I post them only on Tumblr.


I went to the double feature at AMC, and all the people there got posters and a shield pass, which was nice. The theater wasn't full, maybe anywhere from 50-60%, a good amount for a Thursday advance for a movie like this.

I compiled some of my tweets (plus other things) going back to March, re: the movie. I learned how to use Storify for this! )

I will definitely have thoughts/etc tomorrow.
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There has been some drama at work. One of the guys in my department walked out today after our managers went to talk to him after a customer said that the guy allegedly hit him with a ladder. It was super-intense and kind of uncomfortable. I was hoping it wasn't that one particular guy, even though he is occasionally prone to reacting to customers who are kind of irritating in a bad way.

Yeah. So that happened.

I'm still looking for jobs, reworking my resume and cover letters, and also trying to take it easy. I went over to Cedar Hill yesterday only to discover that the little macaroni and cheese place at the shopping center over there had closed! I'm super-sad about that. Now where will I get my mac and cheese with ham and jalapenos? I ended up going to the craft stores for some stuff, and at Barnes and Noble I got the copy of Total Film with the feature on The Winter Soldier. Mmm, yes. Speaking of: AMC theaters are doing a double feature of The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier. The first movie starts at 5:30, and the sequel starts at 8. I'm so getting my tickets tomorrow. Or should I just get the midnight show ticket? I don't know. I just want it to be April already. And I'm pissed about Austin getting the early show.

What else... well. I have been watching this show on the Travel Channel all evening about unusual pieces in museums. Kind of fascinating.
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I went and saw The Avengers at the theater in 3D today. That Scene still made me go all D: and the funny one still had all seven of us in the theater cackling madly.

So that, along with my Olympics-watching all this week, plus skimming various community fic prompts, has made me think about which events the Avengers would participate in, without defaulting to swimming.

So here's what I came to:
  • Clint: archery, duh.
  • Steve: he and Thor are the two most likely to be swimmers, 'cause compared to everyone else they're gigantic and most swimmers seem to be gigantic (or, at least 6' or taller), but, y'know, trying to not default on potential cliche. So, Steve is a boxer.
  • Natasha: could be a gymnast, except she's curvier than most gymnasts are. So in lieu of that, maybe something martial arts? Judo?
  • Tony: I could not decide between tennis or diving.
  • Bruce: I don't know.
  • Thor: rowing! He and Loki could have, at one time, been on the same team and then Loki left and now Thor's all sadfaced about it? There could be a dramatic pre-event package about the brothers slash former teammates turned rivals!
THAT'S ALL I HAVE FOR NOW. Tumblr's calling me to look up  more gifs of Olympians doing cool shit. 

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I finally printed my Studio Movie Grill passes, so tomorrow I get to see Magic Mike, and only pay for my food and drink. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN. SO MUCH.

I did not talk about this sooner (I don't know why), but last Saturday night was amazing. I went karaoke-ing with Chelsea, Tina, and Liz ([livejournal.com profile] waderapspoorly, who I have known online for a decade), and then we went back to Chelsea's and watched Anchorman. It was awesome. The only terrifying thing was that I learned that I know the first verse and chorus of "What Makes You Beautiful", and I've become even more convinced/worried that next I'm going to be trying to score tickets to their show next summer and I'll start fighting thirteen year olds for Zayn.

Also, I did go see Brave with Chelsea, and I had a little feelings-splosion about it. Merida and Elinor's relationship kind of reminded me of how my relationship was with my mom for the longest, in a way, so I definitely got teary at a few points. Merida's brothers were little terrors, and awesome. (Also, the animation is amazing. All the work put into Merida's hair? RIDICULOUS.)

On Tuesday I saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! There were some guys in the theater who were really into it. Every time there was a particularly epic vampire kill, they would cheer. It was fun, really okay, but I have to say that I like how the book ended much more than the movie. (The book's one of my favorites of everything I've read this year so far; I still want to read Unholy Night by the same author.) I'm not usually the biggest slash fangirl, but I came out of the movie wanting to read any and all Henry/Abe that I could find, and any Henry/Abe/Mary that I could find too. Of course, that would require Mary knowing about everything far sooner than she did. But I don't care, it was entirely too adorable when she used Abe's hat to kiss him. TL;DR: read the book and love it. Watch the movie, have fun, and then gripe to me about the difference.

Since I finished talking about moviegoing: I know some of you have already seen this, but I'm still enjoying it: INTO THE DOME, MOTHERFUCKER. There are things I would change (Toilet of Shame, begone! And the older population can be JUST as chatty at theaters as teenagers), but overall, would LOL at again.

And this post has gone on for a while, so I'll close with an Avengers gif:

So far, this has got to be the clearest version of this gif I've seen so far.
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I've worked all weekend. Yesterday, they switched the playlist over from country to pop/Top 40. Within the span of an hour I heard both "Call Me Maybe" and "What Makes You Beautiful". I didn't mind the former, because that song has been cycling through my head for weeks now (and, oh man, the video! Go watch it NOW!), but "What Makes You Beautiful" has kind of been on my oh please God no don't let them start playing this at work list since the first time I heard it.

But not only did they play the regular version, they also played the remix.

Last night, after watching The Great Escape (I always forget that it's an almost three hour long movie, so it was late when it was over), I could not sleep. So I was lying in bed with my Kindle Fire reading Avengers fan fiction (as I've been doing for a few nights now), and while I was reading some story, all of a sudden my brain starts going:


And now I hate everything about One Direction. (Except for Zayn's face. Boy is super-cute. Way too young, but super-cute.)

Relatedly: it blows my mind that tickets are already on sale for One Direction's arena tour next summer. I mean, what? WE NEVER HAD IT THAT GOOD IN THE '90S. [shakes fists menacingly]


I have written more fan fiction in the past two weeks than I have in years, thanks to The Avengers. I'm writing something with Steve and Darcy for [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang, and really, I do not know how I ended up shipping that, but I do and it's kind of fun and terrifying, in that I have to write 10,000 words of them doing stuff in New York--and having only been there once when I was about nine, I have to say that my knowledge of the city is largely shaped by whatever I've seen in movies/on TV/read about in books. So there's that.

Tangent: recently I realized that I've wanted to go to/live in New York since I was a kid because of the books I read, starting with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

This post is all over the place, and if you've gotten this far, congratulations!
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I survived the paper, and I survived yesterday, and I have to say that after the near panic attack I had over that paper, this has been an awesome week.

For starters: I did a quick sneak into the restroom on Sunday at work to check Twitter, and nearly dropped my phone and shrieked in joy because this was one of the first tweets I saw. It was even more surprising/strange to me that I'd just been thinking the day before, Wouldn't it be awesome if Kevin showed up at one of the London dates of the tour, like he did in LA last summer? And then this happens, and [insert gif of Abed from Community silently screaming]. It makes me feel a little bit ridiculous that it took one concert last year to kind of fall back into loving this one pop group that I loved when I was much younger, but I'm past the shame portion of it, you know? I like what I like, and that's it.



Then there were two things on the fandom front, in terms of me making stuff. First, I signed up for my first ever big bang. The details of this are sketchy as of present, but, oh my God, people really like my completely crack pairing idea a lot, and I'm genuinely surprised and kind of going, "I could easily make this into 25k instead of 10!", while also going, "...the longest fan fiction I've ever written was just under 5k help." And secondly, my mix won First Place for art at [profile] waywardmixes! As someone who is pretty much always a little insecure about her fanart Photoshop skills, this was pretty cool news.

And now, the Avengers portion of the entry!

I did the marathon at Studio Movie Grill, because the AMC one was sold out by the time I went to get tickets. Out of the pre-Avengers movies, they didn't show The Incredible Hulk, and on top of that, they didn't show the movies in chronological order! First was Iron Man (I realized halfway through it that counting that viewing, I've officially seen that movie in a theater five times), then Thor, Captain America (third time in theater), and Iron Man 2. The marathon at SMG was definitely not as promoed as AMC's, as I'm pretty sure there were about five people total who watched all the movies and then stayed for the midnight show. Like, for IM there were maybe seven of us total in the theater, and the number only slightly increased with every movie that lead up to The Avengers. I think it peaked around the time that CA and IM2 came on.

There was about a 30 to 45 minute break in between movies, so I went out and Did Stuff while I waited. I went to the bank in between IM and Thor. In between Thor and CA, I walked to Old Navy (the theater's in this shopping center, and Old Navy is a parking lot and a half away) to look for superhero shirts, and I ended up buying the last women's Avengers shirt in XL for $6. (And then I tried on some ridiculously high heels at Famous Footwear, but whatever.) In between Cap and IM2, I sat in my car and played Angry Birds.

Iron Man 2 ended around 10:50, and I was going to be in the same theater I'd been in all day for Avengers, since I wasn't seeing it in 3D. Well, I made the mistake of stepping out of the theater, and then got told I had to go get in line with the rest of the people. Which I didn't mind too much, honestly, and besides, it meant I got to get free stuff from Lone Star Comics, and see people in costume! I took a horribly blurry photo of a woman dressed up as Peggy Carter, and then there was this group that contained all the Avengers, plus Loki and Nick Fury. Honestly, waiting in line for the actual movie felt way longer than anything else during the course of the day.

OH, AND THEN WE HAD MOVIE! I know that LJ has spoiler tags now, but I'm cross-posting from Dreamwidth, which does NOT, so everything goes behind a cut. If you are a spoilerphobe, DO NOT PASS THIS LINE, HERE BE DRAGONS. )

I was going to go see it again after I got out of class today (I ended up wearing my new shirt to school, and a girl in a Hulk shirt saw me walking to my car and yelled, "Your shirt is cute!" at me), but various familial entanglements and the weather prevented that.

To close, this post. The tag was my exact thought as soon as I saw the picture. I like superheroes and boy bands, and I neither know nor care what this says about me. If you want to discuss the movie, go ahead; I have all weekend ahead of me and plenty to talk/possibly gush about.
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Ugh, I feel so useless.

I have that paper due in Film as Art in two weeks, and I can't find any articles that I like for my movies. I found a really good book on Singin' in the Rain at the library, but nothing else has turned up there. Tomorrow and Monday, I will scour the online databases and Google Scholar, but just one of the searches I did earlier left me feeling drained. Add that to the fact that I also have a French test on Wednesday and I'm working for the next four days (UGH), and I want to tap out of my life for a minute and... I don't know. Sleep it off?

One of the few things that's keeping me sane is the fact that there's thirteen days 'til The Avengers is out, and once I make it past the Wednesday that the paper is due, I will be able to breathe and maybe spend a few hours at the theater forgetting the crazy that is everything academic. I hope there's still tickets for the AMC Avengers Marathon; if not, Studio Movie Grill is doing something similar. CAN'T WAIT.

And now, three random videos that I've watched over the past few days:
Zac Efron faces off against Jimmy Kimmel in a bra unhooking contest
An alternate video for Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song", starring Leonard Nimoy
The Wii Didn't Start the Fire: the history of video games, to the tune of a famous Billy Joel song

I'm exhausted, and it's just 11. I guess that's what I get for going to bed around 4 this morning and waking up at 10, and being in action pretty much since then.
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Last night I had a vivid dream that someone had leaked The Avengers online, and it was on YouTube, and I was watching some part with Tony being there as SHIELD thawed out Steve.

I woke up very upset.


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